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Crest Bridge made the process of getting a loan so easy! I literally filled out their online application and had the money in my account before the end of the week. Now my boyfriend and I can finish our basement like we've been dying to do.

Tasha Lee

Norfolk, Virginia

A few friends recommended that I should consolidate my debt to try and get a lower interest rate. After exploring a few different options, it seemed pretty clear that Crest Bridge was the best option. Sure enough, the interest rate they offered me was almost half a percentage point lower than the next best option! Thank you Crest Bridge!

Kerry Allison

New York City, New York

The one thing that I loved about working with Crest Bridge Loans was how simple their process was. I remember trying to get a loan with a few other providers and it always felt like I had to wait for weeks to hear back. On the other hand, Crest Bridge got me the money I needed for school in just 3 days from start to finish.

Troy Goodwin

St. Paul, Minnesota
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Don’t Have The Best Credit? No Worries!

Getting access to funding when your credit is sub-par can be difficult, to say the least. It’s almost as if you’re a second-rate citizen just because your credit score isn’t through the roof. Many lenders won’t even give you a chance. However, that isn’t the case when you are working with Crest Bridge Loans. We will go above and beyond to get you the money you need at the lowest possible interest rate. The best part is that you can always check what rate you qualify for first without it dinging your credit score.

Crest Bridge Loans can even help you build up your credit score because we offer such flexible repayment terms. You can get approved for a loan with Crest Bridge Loans and then slowly repaying it in easy installments that work for you. Over the months, your credit will slowly creep up. Imagine improving your lifestyle and credit score simultaneously in one stroke of financial savviness!

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If you have any questions, our representatives are always happy to chat. They answer hundreds of calls every day and there’s a good chance that plenty of people have had the exact same question. The best way to get started is to give us a call.

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There’s no harm in simply applying to see what interest rate you are approved for. It won’t hurt your credit score and there’s a very good chance that you are surprised by what we are able to offer you!

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By this point, you’ve probably been thinking of the best ways that you could use the money. Apply today and you could be living a different reality in a matter of days.