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Personal Loans

How Would You Use An Extra $50,000
Right Now? What About $100,000?

Almost everybody in the world could put an extra windfall of cash to good use. Imagine the weight that would be lifted off your shoulders if you checked your bank account tomorrow and saw $100,000 in it?

This is money that you could use to treat yourself to a large purchase, strategically consolidate your debt, or even just ease your financial pressure. Luckily, this doesn’t have to just be a dream. Crest Bridge Loans can help you turn all of these scenarios into reality in just a matter of days by getting you approved for a personal loan. The first step is to fill out our simple form to see the interest rate that you’re eligible for. From there, you could have cash in your account in as little as 1-2 business days.

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About Personal Loans
What We Can Do

Crest Bridge Loans Makes It A Breeze To Get The Money You Need

We know from experience that getting approved for a loan is a super strenuous process, especially if you don’t have the best credit. The process can require multiple visits to your local bank, at least one interview, and in the end, you may not even get approved at all. Luckily, that’s not the case with Crest Bridge Loans!

We believe that easy access to funding is the #1 factor in improving people’s lives. Regardless of what your biggest challenges or goals are, more cash in the bank will make it easier to overcome those challenges and meet your goals. This is why we’ve made it our mission to make easy funding available to everyone. Our process can be done entirely online in a matter of minutes and, within a few days, you could have a life-changing sum of money in your bank account. Call or click below to get started!

Our Process

Crest Bridge Loans Is Rethinking The Lending Process

Gone are the days of putting on a suit and trekking into your local bank’s branch in hopes that they will approve your loan. Instead of being at the mercy of a banker, Crest Bridge Loans puts control back into your own hands. By getting you the money you need, you will be free to live the life you have always wanted. What’s even better is that we have moved the entire loan process online. This is the quickest way to get you the capital you need to get things done and improve your quality of life.



In total, our process only requires a few button clicks or a short phone call. After that, you can get approved in record time. This means more time spending your money and less time waiting.



You can find out the interest rate that you are approved for almost instantly by filling out our online form.



We bet it will take you longer to read this entire page than it will to find out what loan you’re approved for.

Why Choose Us

We Give Everyone The Opportunity To Live The Life Of Their Dreams

We believe that everyone is just a few bucks away from living a life that’s free of financial stress. If most people were given access to a personal loan then they could immediately get started strategically improving their life. The problem is that an affordable loan is out of reach for millions of people. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to make this opportunity available to the masses, not just the privileged. When it comes to getting people the money they need Crest Bridge Loans is by far the industry leader and there’s a good reason why. Actually, there are three...


No Fees

Most lenders make millions in revenue by trying to nickel and dime their clients. Not Crest Bridge Loans. You can expect full transparency when you work with us. We don’t include any hidden fees and the rate you see is the rate you get!


Low Rates

Crest Bridge Loans stands above the competition by coming in below them (in interest rate comparisons, that is). Since we’ve been doing this so long, we have strategic partnerships in place to make sure that you’re approved for the lowest possible interest rate.


Fast Approval

We can help you get tens of thousands of dollars deposited in your bank account faster than it takes your Amazon package to ship to you.

Loan Uses

How Much Cash Would It Take To Live Stress-free?

Imagine that you woke up tomorrow and had $100,000 in your bank account. What would your plan for that money be?

With access to that kind of cash, you could easily treat yourself to a large purchase, go on your dream vacation, improve your quality of living, go to school to expand your education, and so much more. There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to different ways that you could spend this money. If you want, Crest Bridge Loans can make any of these scenarios happen!

Having access to that kind of cash would immediately lift the weight off your shoulders. You would have breathing room to finally focus on your passions instead of stressing about money.


Finance a large purchase


Emergency Expense


Consolidate debt


Cover moving expenses


Make necessary home repairs


Education Expenses


How Much Can You Save?

Use our comparison calculator to see how much you would be saving


What People Say About Us

Crest Bridge made the process of getting a loan so easy! I literally filled out their online application and had the money in my account before the end of the week. Now my boyfriend and I can finish our basement like we've been dying to do.

Tasha Lee

Norfolk, Virginia

A few friends recommended that I should consolidate my debt to try and get a lower interest rate. After exploring a few different options, it seemed pretty clear that Crest Bridge was the best option. Sure enough, the interest rate they offered me was almost half a percentage point lower than the next best option! Thank you Crest Bridge!

Kerry Allison

New York City, New York

The one thing that I loved about working with Crest Bridge Loans was how simple their process was. I remember trying to get a loan with a few other providers and it always felt like I had to wait for weeks to hear back. On the other hand, Crest Bridge got me the money I needed for school in just 3 days from start to finish.

Troy Goodwin

St. Paul, Minnesota
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Don’t Have The Best Credit? No Worries!

Getting access to funding when your credit is sub-par can be difficult, to say the least. It’s almost as if you’re a second-rate citizen just because your credit score isn’t through the roof. Many lenders won’t even give you a chance. However, that isn’t the case when you are working with Crest Bridge Loans. We will go above and beyond to get you the money you need at the lowest possible interest rate. The best part is that you can always check what rate you qualify for first without it dinging your credit score.

Crest Bridge Loans can even help you build up your credit score because we offer such flexible repayment terms. You can get approved for a loan with Crest Bridge Loans and then slowly repaying it in easy installments that work for you. Over the months, your credit will slowly creep up. Imagine improving your lifestyle and credit score simultaneously in one stroke of financial savviness!

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If you have any questions, our representatives are always happy to chat. They answer hundreds of calls every day and there’s a good chance that plenty of people have had the exact same question. The best way to get started is to give us a call.

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There’s no harm in simply applying to see what interest rate you are approved for. It won’t hurt your credit score and there’s a very good chance that you are surprised by what we are able to offer you!

Improve Your Life

By this point, you’ve probably been thinking of the best ways that you could use the money. Apply today and you could be living a different reality in a matter of days.